In a world in which global values are becoming more and more uniform across continents, a sense of local identity becomes more and more essential to our perception of quality and authencity. In architecture, historical qualities are interpreted through modern expression, and any intervention with cultural heritage manifests our own time. This applies to everything from conservation and restoration to transformation and construction.


We believe that societal commitment is crucial when working with architecture, and that sustainable solutions start with the understanding of the function parameters, which are often influenced by the unique and culture-bearing dimensions of a given project. In practice, this means that essential choices concerning environmental, economic and social sustainability cannot be separated from a thorough understanding of the existing context.

ELGAARD Architecture can boast of many years’ experience in working with a wide range of function and building types, and we offer advice in all phases of the project:

  • Modern construction in historic contexts
  • Transformation of existing buildings and plants
  • Restoration of heritage sites and properties
  • Learning facilities
  • Commercial buildings for office and production
  • Cultural buildings, castles, churches, etc.
  • Master Planning of existing plants; “brown field planning”
  • Interior and workplace design

We work across fields from the overall concept to the mastering of detail with the understanding of a designer and the expertise of a craftsman. We always strive to balance the relationship between scale, space, materials and processes.

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