At Elgaard Architecture we rarely distinguish between client consultancy, new build and existing buildings. We always commence by attending to the client’s requirements as a point of departure and regularly work in the cross field where historical architecture meets modern design and contemporary demands for function and setting.

We begin all our projects by setting out the programme, analysing the background, preconditions, opportunities, and alternatives so together with the client we can establish a joint conception of the objective of the project.  Within the agreed framework we lead the project on time, price and within the agreed level of quality. It’s intuitive for our team and it is expected of us with every project.

Our ambition for all projects is to create the highest architectural quality whether it is a restoration of existing spaces and buildings or the construction of new build in an existing context. The basic consultancy services, linked to our methods for developing/creating architecture, are the same whether we deliver consultancy services such as client consultancy alone, or whether we deliver full consultancy all the way from initial idea to built project.

In our understanding, the only difference between client consultancy and consultancy in connection with a detailed design is the difference between commencing on an undefined or commencing on a defined foundation.  Our characteristic projects start on an undefined foundation where we advise on architecture, function, cost, communication, and presentation – all the elements carrying significant importance for our clients.

We design the process as well as the architectural solution