Our approach to restoration as well as refurbishment or transformation takes it departure in the hypothesis that all phases and periods of a building’s development holds a potential and can be interesting and valuable to relate to looking at the overall strategy of the project. An option can also be creating a new build, either as a replacement for or an extension of the existing.

Hence, we always study the unique character of the existing and produce a prioritised assessment of the qualities and possibilities linked to a specified building or place. We look at what is inalienable and should not be touched and where interventions can be made which at once enhance the unique character and uses of the building or place as well as meeting the functional requirements of the client.

The most challenging projects within architecture are combing new and old. Creating optimal conditions for new functions within existing buildings, combining all levels of interventions from conservation of surfaces to changing and removal of walls and floors, adding new and contemporary architecture within historical contexts. Adding that little detail which makes the whole project come together, or tearing down and adding a brand-new build, so it coherently co-exists with the existing context – these are the projects in which we thrive.