Peder Elgaard

Founding partner, Director, Architect MAA

Phone: +45 26 70 85 84
Mail: pe@elgaardarchitecture.com

Since 1992, Peder Elgaard has worked as a project and design manager in the architectural industry, where he has advised a wide range of professional developers with significant real property portfolios consisting of historical buildings and structures. Peder Elgaard’s core competencies are strategic project management, decision-making processes and analysis of needs and functions.

From 2004–2012, Peder Elgaard was a leading partner in a medium-sized Danish architectural studio, and during 2008–2012 he occupied the role of Royal Building Inspector. This office included responsibility for the maintenance and development of approx. 700,000 m2 state-owned group-1 heritage buildings as well as the supervision of 90 churches in North Zealand, Denmark. Since 2011, Peder Elgaard has acted as advisor to the Ministry of Culture in appeals against decisions of the Danish Agency of Culture regarding alterations to listed buildings. Since 2004 he has been an external examiner and lecturer at the Danish Schools of Architecture.

Peder Elgaard has a well-developed understanding of the relationship between theoretical and practical positions within the field of architecture. He has a Nordic postgraduate Master in Architectural Heritage, NORDMAK, and is trained as an architect, construction manager and carpenter. His approach to the subject is grounded in a strong international network, and his practical experience has given him great insight into how the best interaction between form, function and technology can be achieved.

Peder Elgaard is a sought-after speaker and critic at architectural seminars, symposia and research conferences, and he is a diligent publisher of articles on restoration and transformation in architecture.


Curriculum Vitæ

Owner and CEO, Elgaard Architecture
Royal Building Inspector, Inspectorat 1 Copenhagen, 7 and 8 Educational Buildings, DK
Head of Design, Erik Møller Arkitekter, Copenhagen
Partner, Erik Møller Arkitekter, Copenhagen
Architect and Project Manager, Erik Møller Arkitekter, Copenhagen
BA in Architectural Technology and Construction Management, Exner Architects, Aarhus
Construction Fællestegnestuen, Viborg

Education and Qualifications

NORDMAK, Nordic Post Graduate in Cultural Heritage
Project Management, Erik Møller Architects
Architect MAA, Aarhus School of Architecture, Inst. Architectural Heritage, Aarhus, DK
Constructing Architect BTH, VIA University College, Horsens, DK
Building Technician, VIA University College, Horsens, DK
Carpenter, Skilled Worker Certificate

Board Positions & Associations:

  • Board member at Aarhus School of Architecture, Denmark. 2012–2015
  • Board member at the advisory board of Archipress M
  • Danish Architects’ Association (MAA)