Experimentarium – Science Centre

2013– | Copenhagen, Denmark

Fact Sheet:
Project type: Science Center
Built: 1993-2016
Sqm.: 15.000 conversion, 10.000 new build
Client: Experimentarium
Budget: 340 mio. D.kr. Fondsfinansieret
Type: Architectural Management

The Experimentarium, The Science Centre of Denmark, is at the time of writing being extended for 340 Mil. D.Kr. to make way for a large outdoor rooftop exhibition and to upgrade the buildings energy efficiency. 10.000 m2 of the development will be energy neutral.
Elgaard Architecture has been appointed as a client advisor to facilitate and control the process.

The Experimentarium is set in the former soft drinks bottling facility of the Tuborg Brewery in Hellerup which dates back to the early 1900. Prior to the conversion, the building had been extended and refurbished on a number of occasions. In 1932 the current main hall was created as a glazed roof between the northern and the southern wing of the brewery complex. The lightweight construction was designed by Christen Ostenfeldt – who later founded the consulting engineers COWI. The fizzy water production in the hall was abandoned during the 1980’s. The old bottling facility was offered as a base for the Experimentarium by the Tuborg Breweries and through fundraising the project of placing the Experimentarium within the old bottling facilty began. The Danish Science Centre was opened by Her Royal Majesty the Queen in 1991.

The transformation of the old bottling facility was undertaken under the supervision of Erik Møller Architects with Hans Henrik Høilund as project manager. He completed a line of sub-schemes within the main project including a 250 people auditorium and an area for special exhibitions. The main focus throughout the project was to secure and preserve the robustness and roughness of the old bottling facility within the new interior design and spatial programming.


EXP luftfoto
The need for more space to accommodate modernisations and further developments of The Experimentarium is impending. Therefore an international, architectural competition was initiated for the design of a new roof top exhibition and an upgrade of the building’s energy efficiency. Associate partner of Elgaard Architecture, Hans Henrik Høilund, was appointed to develop an architectural programme for the project in collaboration with consulting engineers Rambøll. This would form the base of the competition brief. Following this, EA oversaw the execution of the competition, operated as a secretary for the competition jury and participated in the fundraising for the project. The winning submission, which was submitted by CEBRA, was eventually made possible through donations.
EA has been project managing throughout the whole process and has worked as consultants regarding the tender and has responsibility for the checking and approving of the consultants’ calculations. The work has furthermore included user engagement, community meetings, legal issues and applications including the collaborative development of a local plan.
EXP trappe 1 sal

EXP trappe stueplan

The construction of the future Experimentarium – The Science Centre of Denmark – has begun.
Currently, the construction site at Tuborg Nord looks quite dramatic: The first phase of extending the science centre involves the demolition of a 30 meter section of the eastern facade of the ekisting building. This has been necessary in order to consolidate the constructive base for a new upper addition of three floors, including a 6000 Sq.m exterior exhibition area, to the existing building. Most of the demolished façade will be reconstructed.

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