Fredericiagade 12

2017 | Copenhagen, Denmark

Project: Maintenance-  and Conservation Management Plan and restoration
Role: Full-service consultancy
Status: Completed
Architect: ELGAARD Architecture
Listed: Yes

The owners’ association at Fredericiagade 12 has asked ELGAARD ​​Architecture to develop a Maintenance- and Conservation Management Plan for their building, located on the northern side of Fredericiagade, close to “Frederiksstaden” and Amalienborg Castle in central Copenhagen. The classicist building, which consists of a main front house with side- and back buildings, was built in 1853 and was listed in 1987. The front house is situated in the middle of the street and built together with the neighboring buildings and with the side house to the east, which is again built together with the back building. The back building and the front house are connected by lower walls. The buildings and the wall together form the frame of a narrow courtyard. The property is adapted to commercial purposes in the basement facing the street and is otherwise adapted for residential purposes.

Elgaard Architecture has developed a Maintenance and Conservation Management Plan for the entire building and has provided full-service consultancy on the restoration of facades, windows and dormer windows as well as the renovation of the building’s stairwells.

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