Kildevænget 7, København Ø

2017 | Copenhagen, Danmark

Project: Renovation and refurbishment of 1960s terraced house
Client: Private Client
Area: 180 m2
Status: In process
Architect: ELGAARD ​​Architecture
Type: Refurbishment and modernisation
Architectural service: Full service consultancy
Listed: No

Kildevænget 7 is a stwo-torey end-row, terraced house with crawl space and attic, built in 1960. ELGAARD ​​Architecture provides full service consultancy on the project which involves refurbishment of bathrooms and kitchen as well as sensitive changes to the layout of the floor plans. The terraced complex at Kildevænget is built in white painted brick facades with red tiled, pitched roofs and teak windows. The complex has a clear and modernist expression, and according to the town planning framework for the Svanevænget neighborhood it is worthy of preservation due to its significant architectural qualities.


With the intention of securing the architectural qualities, the project will make the end-row house more functional by providing more daylight in the living room and future utility room.

We have applied for planning permission to establish a new patio door in the east-facing gable of the house towards the terrace / garden, which will be a replica of the current, original patio door in the south-facing garden facade. This new door to the garden will create better contact between the living room and the garden area on the gable side. Here, a new terrace area will be established, which will thus be more accessible with the new opening.

Today, the existing bathroom on the ground floor also functions as an access to a minor room (the former garage and future utility room). This will be changed by establishing a foyer between the future utility room, the bathroom and the entrance hall.

In addition, a skylight will be established in the upper eastern corner of the future utility room, according to the dimensions described in the current town planning framework.

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