Municipal Hospital, Masterplan

2012– | Copenhagen, Denmark

Fact Sheet:
Project: Masterplan
Built: 2012
Client: Jeudan A/S

The project involves the mapping of the heritage assets and development of a master plan as well as a conservation plan for the former municipal hospital of Copenhagen, which is now a listed complex within central Copenhagen. The plan was initiated to ease the legal process between a constantly changing institution and The Danish Agency for Culture regarding permission for regular alterations and maintenance as well as future building works within the complex.

The Conservation plan is developed by Peder Elgaard, ELGAARD Architecture under the auspices of Erik Møller Arkitekter

The Municipal Hospital of Copenhagen was designed in 1863 by the Royal Building Surveyor Christian Hansen. Hansen worked in Athens for many years where he acquired an in depth knowledge of the Greek-Byzantine style, which is evident in the Historicist yellow and red brick façade of the hospital. The complex is one of the finest examples of Danish Historicism, which includes fine details within the façade and interior. The complex’s architectural layout also displays an increasing awareness and knowledge of the importance of sanitary conditions within the health care system.
The hospital was closed down in 1999 and is today owned by JEUDAN A/S with the University of Copenhagen, City Campus as a tenant.

The conservation plan was developed with the intention to create a common, administrative framework and base for decisions from authorities, leaseholder and tenant.

In collaboration with the leaseholder, the tenant and The Danish Agency for Culture the conservation plan was developed as a manual listing a line of suitable solutions for the most common building works needed within the complex. The plan works as an approval protocol for a line of typical building works, which can be executed without any further legal application or notice to The Danish Agency for Culture.

The plan was preceded by a thorough mapping of the heritage assets of the complex. This was to act as the off set in order to develop solutions, which balanced contemporary needs and standards with a respect for the existing structure. The mapping sought to grasp the main elements of the complex from overall layout and plan to detail and finish. To mention a few, the individual solutions include dormer windows, roofing and principles for spatial planning etc.

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