Lyngby Church, Denmark

2017 | Lyngby, Denmark

Projekt: Competition for a new church organd for Lyngby Church

Status: 1st prize

Elgaard Architecture has won the competition for a new church organ for Lyngby Church. Our proposal is based on the very special atmosphere that light and shadow form on the church’s new altar table made by artist Christian Lemmerz. The play of light is enhanced by the re-opening of the church’s east window, and the play between light and shadow is key in creating the altar’s poetic expression as a very special and attractive space.

“The light in the room and the light on things” is the starting point for our design proposal for the new organ facade in order to create a balanced and poetic play between light and shadow. By similarly letting the light penetrate through the west window, light can be experienced between the components of the new organ,  and make these a complete, tactile and space-creating element, which will correspond to the atmosphere of the altar table.

The organ facades are made of wooden round sticks, inspired by the cylindrical shape of the tin pipes. Sticks and pipes will shed light and shadow around the instrument and create a diffused light in the surrounding church room.

The competition was won in 2017.

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