Lyngby Town Hall, Lyngby, Denmark

Kunde: Lyngby Taarbæk Kommune, Danmark

Year: 2017-2018 and 2019-

Sqm: 8500

Role: Client Consultant. Responsible for the conservation management plan, dialogue with the authorities and users, technical surveys and design brief.

Reinstating a modern movement architectural landmark from 1938. The project comprises restoration of the listed town hall’s marble-clad facades and conversion of the interiors in a way which optimizes the building’s capacity and workplace facilities and at the same time reinstates the original interior design which has been blurred due to many years of random refurbishments.

The restoration of the Greenland marble clad facades requires very special attention, as the slabs cannot be replaced. Hence the restoration of the slabs requires several testings and state-of-the-art technology. The slabs will be taken down and assessed individually in order to decide the right method for restoring each of them. One of the methods will be to split some of the thicker slabs vertically in order to make replacement slabs for those which cannot be saved. Further, new ways of suspending the slabs will have to be developed so that the slabs can be suspended in a way that will preserve architectural values and the overall impression of the building.

The conservation of the building’s exterior also comprises all windows, linings and copper roofs.

The building’s interior will be converted and optimised to contemporary standards and needs whilst the original design will be conserved and reinstated in order to reestablish the original design idea. After the restoration, the number of employees will increase from approx. 260 today to approx. 355. Hence the restoration strategy is combined with in-depth analysis of workflows as well as user involvement processes in order to develop an intelligent overall plan for a modern townhall in a setting of high cultural and architectural value.


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