Ølstykke Church, Denmark

2017-2018 | Ølstykke, Denmark

Project: Restoration of leadlight windows
Status: ongoing
Architect: ELGAARD Architecture
Role: Detailed design, planning, construction management

During 2017 and 2018, Elgaard Architecture will be restoring the leadlight windows of Ølstykke Church, north-west of Copenhagen.

In close collaboration with and coordination of highly specialised crafts, the leadlight windows are gently chopped free of the brick reveals, disassembled and transported to the workshop where lead cames and glass panes are restored, and defective parts replaced by corresponding materials.


The welded iron mullions and transoms are renovated on site; rust and old paint are removed, and all parts are grounded and painted with graphite paint. Further, all storm windows are painted, and the brick reveals are repaired prior to reinsertion of the windows. Defect glass panes are replaced with either cathedral glass or crown glass depending on the surrounding types of window panes. New lead cames are made in original profiles.

Once the windows are reassembled, they are gently fastened with temporary wedges, after which the mason carries out new calf lashes in lime mortar. Once the mortar has settled, the temporary wedges can be removed, and then the joints can be completed. Finally, all glades are limewashed as before.

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