Restaurant NOMA – Naval mine depot

2016 – 2018 | Copenhagen, Denmark

Project: Transformation of naval mine depot into gourmet restaurant

Area: 1200 m2

Status: On site

Service: Client consultancy, formulate conservation management plan, architectural consultancy, authority management

Listed: Yes

ELGAARD Architecture provides client consultancy for the NOMA restaurant in relation to the transformation of the listed naval mine depot on the rampart of Christianshavn in Copenhagen. The naval mine depot is being transformed from depot into a state-of-the-art restaurant with adjoining gardens. The naval mine depot is integrated within the rampart which is a scheduled monument. The project will communicate and amplify the site’s key listed values and cultural history concurrent with buildings as well as surrounding areas will be laid out as a functional place of work accommodating contemporary and intelligent facilities and climate solutions.

Authority and process management:
EA is responsible for the complete development process of the project e.g. by early involvement of the conservation authorities which has ensured a smooth and time effective process in developing the project’s conservation and development plan.  This has secured that the right balance between new functions and conservation values have been formed in close dialogue between the client and the authorities.

The project also includes reinstating original elements which can intensify the story about the naval mine depot’s original function while having a function in the new employment. New elements and interventions are being added when justifiable in relations to functionality, e.g. three rectangular skylights will be installed to accommodate the requirement for an acceptable amount of daylight while conserving the transverse beams supporting the roof. The original room structure and the experience of the elongated room with a travelling crane and exposed concrete will be conserved. The new functions will be installed as inserted units in wood and glass.

The new build will widely be created on the existing foundations of previous demolished buildings. In the southern part the geometry of the extension is bounded according to the rampart’s layout. The new build and interiors are designed by BIG and Studio David Thulstrup. The gardens will be designed by Piet Oudolf and Thing & Brandt. The process and construction management are being executed by NT Consulting.

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