The Parish of Vallensbæk, Masterplan

2012-2015 | Vallensbæk, Denmark

Fact Sheet:
Project: Masterplan
Built: 2012-2015
Client: The Parish of Vallensbæk
Type: Masterplan and Adaptation

In the recent years, the parish of Vallensbæk has had a surge of new residents. Thus, the need for an increase in the cemetery area will present itself in the very near future. As a response to this it has been decided to convert the existing emergency cemetery into a public park cemetery and incorporate it into a renovation of the facilities for the cemetery gardeners as to create a coherent landscape complex. Bearing in mind the growth time of a new cemetery a master plan for the entire complex was produced in 2013.

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Vallensbæk Church was erected between 1150 and 1200. The vaults and frescoes of the church date back to 1400-1450 and the church tower was added in 1525. In 1865 the architect J.D. Herholdt oversaw an unsympathetic renovation of the church including an outer leaf wall, a crow-stepped gable and new gothic windows.

The crew building was erected in 1972 and the machinery building dates back to 1985.
The parish community centre was erected in 1989 by the architect Palle Drost. Helligtrekongers Church, designed by Peder Elgaard, Erik Møller Architects, was consecrated in 2012.

The existing crew building is of a very poor architectural quality and is at its present state does not fulfill the legal requirements for a workplace. Functionality wise the location of the building is sensible and the structural volume offers the possibility for further utilisation. The current layout of the plan will be refurbished to contain a set of changing rooms with showers male/female, a common lunch room with kitchenette, depot, a laundry area and a space for drying. It will furthermore contain a public, accessible toilet. The current cold storage will be abolished and the workshop will be relocated to the machinery building.

The existing machinery building is also of a poor architectural quality and will be demolished. The new building will be laid out as a long rectangular wing consisting of an unheated garage for machinery and an insulated workshop as a south facing extension. The exterior grounds will be utilized for washing, material storage and a small separate annex for fuel storage.

The architectural concept has an intention to create a streamlined and simple design reusing brickwork as the defining element. The building is a secondary structure in the hierarchy of the overall complex. However, due to its setting within the proximity of the old Vallensbæk Church, it calls for a suitable consistency within this relation. The lunch room is set as the transverse core of the building, which is defined by two open, glazed facades. The core is flanked by two brick clad wings. The wings contain changing rooms with a discreet light ingress through pattern brickwork which supports the solid expression of the brick walls. The gables are rebuilt as crow-stepped gables in order to emphasize the reference to the church and chapel.

The exterior walls are left in exposed brick in a bond of old and new tiles. The existing trusses are reused and the roof is relayed in red wing tiles. The transparent core is made up of heavy wooden frames with fine, dark aluminium frames for all secondary construction elements. Interiors are kept in a light and neutral tone with terrazzo flooring. The tile flooring in the lunch room draws in the exterior brick surface and thereby creates the transition between exterior and interior.

Machinery Building
The building is laid out as a long rectangular wing lining the edge of the cadastre for optimisation of the usage of the surrounding grounds. This placement is also rational in relation to the interior function of the wing. The structure is made up from a pre-fab steel frame with an exterior cladding in dark painted timber. The gates are painted in a contrasting colour. The roofing is executed in sheet metal with a sky light running the length of the building.

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