Rooms in transformations

A new book about the refurbishment of the New Carlsberg Foundation’s domicile in Copenhagen

We are proud to finally be able to tell about our work on the extensive transformation of the New Carlsberg Foundation’s domicile in central Copenhagen. The project has been carried out during the past four years in close collaboration with the designers Salto and Sigsgaard and the Foundation’s management.

Brewer J.C. Jacobsen founded the Carlsberg Brewery in the old brewhouse buildings which date back to the 1790s. Through spatial transformations, the complex has undergone a radical change, creating new spatial sequences and -contexts in three of its buildings. The project has unfolded a differentiated approach to transformation and restoration, focusing on contemporary needs and forms of collaboration, as well as transit, storage, and display of art as the focal point.

The entire building complex and not least premises of the New Carlsberg Foundation provide a historical insight into Danish architecture and design with significant fingerprints of, among others, Kaare Klint, Wilhelm Wohlert, and most recently Peder Elgaard, Kasper Salto & Thomas Sigsgaard. Hence, the complex is full of stories, but it is characteristic of the place that those, who over time have put their mark on it, have understood that renewal must be carried out with empathy and sensitivity to tradition and with respect for the masters on whose shoulders we stand.

Further, the building’s development over the decades, is also a narrative about the New Carlsberg Foundation’s uncompromising ambitions as a builder, always insisting on outstanding crafts and artistic quality.

The author of the book, art historian, and library- and research director at Design Museum Denmark, Lars Dybdahl, has, together with photographer Anders Sune Berg, been following the refurbishment of the New Carlsberg Foundation. Thus, the book tells the story of the process as well as the result and the thoughts behind the transformation.

Photos: Anders Sune Berg

Read more and see more photos of the project at the New Carlsberg Foundation’s website