Vibensgaard Copenhagen prior to restoration Elgaard Architecture
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Elgaard Architecture is the main contractor and architect on the restoration of the retail premises in the ground floor at Vibensgaard which is located in Copenhagen’s Østerbro area. The classic and listed beautiful property was designed by architects Anton Rosen and Peter Neergaard in 1903-05. To a certain extent, the current restoration is initially connected with a planned restoration of the property’s facades.



Restoration of retail premises

Alt Til Barnet Holding ApS, A/B Vibensgaard

The Agency for Culture and Palaces, Byggeselskabet C.F. Hansen ApS, conservators Anne Brøndum Torp/Brøndum Konservering and Mette Falk/Falk Konservering

Vibensgaard Copenhagen ceiling prior to restoration Elgaard Architecture
The five rooms were originally a restaurant, as can be seen in Anton Rosen's original drawings of Vibensgaard. There is a desire from the client A/B Vibensgaard and Alt Til Barnet Holding ApS to return the facade to its original expression, and in this connection, among other things. the store's suspended ceilings and facing materials were removed.
Vibensgaard Copenhagen frieze prior to restoration Elgaard Architecture
The decorative wall paint in the shape of various friezes will likely be reconstructed at some point. The friezes are the original ones from Anton Rosen's time and drawings.
Vibensgaard Copenhagen frieze prior to restoration Elgaard Architecture
The traditional materials are supported by the fact that repairs are being carried out with the same materials as the original ones. The construction company C.F. Hansen is responsible for the masonry work, while a conservation report has been prepared by conservators Anne Brøndum Torp from Torp Konservering and Mette Falk from Falk Konservering. It describes the strategy for the decorative wall paint and the other paint. The frieze in the picture shows former roadside inns, which were located along Strandvejen in Copenhagen just north of Vibensgaard.
“The original windows, which could be moved up and down and thus open up the facades facing Østerbrogade and Strandboulevarden, have recently been found in the basement.”
Vibensgaard Copenhagen prior to restoration Elgaard Architecture
The conservators Anne Brøndum Torp (Brøndum Konservering) and Mette Falk (Falk Konservering) have carried out two destructive investigations of the restaurant premises' floors. There are traces of four periods on these. It is therefore recommended that newer floor coverings be removed in the long run, and that surfaces and foot panels be substantially reconstructed. The execution of this, however, is postponed to a later date.
Vibensgaard Copenhagen exterior Elgaard Architecture
"The lapwing forms the main motif of the decorations; but otherwise, the motifs alternate between beach and water themes in various ways: seaweed plants, starfish, maggots, sea eagles, etc," the magazine The Architect wrote about Vibensgaard in 1904.
“The shop premises' windows have, over time, been replaced with a lower format, while at the same time the exterior has been covered with a typical 1960s façade and suspended ceilings have been installed in the shop premises, thus covering the beautiful, original interiors.”
Vibensgaard Copenhagen prior to restoration Elgaard Architecture
The rear room originally served as a billiard room. The original frieze and paint can be seen on the walls. The majority of all technical installations for heating, cooling and electricity will be replaced, and necessary follow-up work is carried out. Where new building parts are introduced due to requirements for indoor climate, this must be done in respect of the property's overall expression.