The Team

Our expertise goes beyond architecture. We work ambitiously with restoration of historic buildings in order to reinforce a vital development of the cultural heritage.

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Elgaard Architecture is a market leader in restoration of historic buildings. Apart from architects and constructing architects with expertise in restoration, we also employ historians and researchers who can dig deep into the past of the buildings and find those distinguishing features that may be highlighted to enhance the characteristics of the buildings.

The hardest part within the field of architecture is to combine old and new structures and thus link history with the present and the future. This is exactly where we are at our best.

Our office is based in Copenhagen, but we work all over Denmark and also internationally in countries like Georgia and United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi).


Elgaard Architecture architectural studio

The Company
We are an informal workplace with high ambitions and a healthy work-life balance. Professional discussions and knowledge-sharing mean a great deal to us, and at Elgaard Architecture you will find the flexibility that your everyday life requires. We offer fixed term employment, flexible hours and Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

Elgaard Architecture
Elgaard Architecture architectural studio

The Team

Pernille Mårtensson Elgaard Architecture Pernille Mårtensson
Partner / CEO /
Architect MAA / MBV
+45 7120 3305
Peder Elgaard Elgaard Architecture Peder Elgaard
Founding Partner / Director / Architect MAA / NORDMAK
+45 2670 8584
Anne Nebel Elgaard Architecture Anne Nebel
Architect MAA
+45 2791 3020
Bo Jørgensen Elgaard Architecture Bo Jørgensen
Technical Designer
+45 2324 5681
Brigitta Molonfalen Elgaard Architecture Brigitta Molonfalean
Architect MAA
+45 7196 3331
Emilie Kronborg Danielsen Elgaard Architecture Emilie Kronborg Danielsen
BA Architecture
+45 6110 1274
Frederik Høg Hansen Elgaard Architecture Frederik Høg Hansen
Constructing Architect
+45 6016 8584
Hans Henrik Høilund Elgaard Architecture Hans Henrik Høilund
Architect MAA /
Construction Economist
+45 4280 8882
Henrik Jagd Nissen Elgaard Architecture Henrik Jagd Nissen
Chairman of the Board
+45 2891 6021
Jacob Erlangsen Architect Elgaard Architecture Jacob Erlangsen
+45 4214 7022
Janis Kalnins Elgaard Architecture Janis Kalnins
Constructing Architect / DGNB Consultant
+45 4290 1762
Johnn Nekman Elgaard Architecture Johnn Nekman
+45 4051 3639
Julian Jahn Elgaard Architecture Julian Jahn
Associate Partner / Architect / DGNB Consultant
+45 2293 4318
Jørn Lien Jacobsen Elgaard Architecture Jørn Lien Jacobsen
Architect MAA
+45 8144 2684
Louise Lefèvre Elgaard Architecture Louise Lefèvre
Head of Communications, Business Development and Research
MA History
+45 2618 3719
Louise Ringsholt Harder
Architect / NORDMAK
+45 3021 2155
Marius Lund Elgaard Architecture Marius Lund
Constructing Architect
+45 3142 0494
Mika Mølgaard Elgaard Architecture Mika Mølgaard
Constructing Architect / Master in Construction Management
+45 2533 1511
Mikael Schilling Elgaard Architecture Mikael Schilling
Associate Partner / Architect
+45 2677 8584
Nataly Timotheou Elgaard Architecture Nataly Timotheou
Architect /
Interdisciplinary Designer
+45 7199 3626
Niels P. Hansen Elgaard Architecture Niels P. Hansen Hill
Constructing Architect
+45 3125 7435
Tine Neel Riber Teglbjærg Elgaard Architecture Tine Neel Riber Teglbjærg
+45 9330 8584
Tine Thue Tobiasen Architect Elgaard Architecture Tine Thue Tobiasen
+45 6141 8584
Wiebke Engels Elgaard Architecture Wiebke Engels
Architect MAA /
Construction Economist
+45 6139 6804
William Lorentz Celliers Elgaard Architecture William Lorentz Celliers
Architect MAA / ICT/ BIM Manager / DGNB Consultant
+45 7199 4152