Elgaard Architecture is a full-service architecture studio. Our core competencies are centered around restoration of heritage buildings and, consequently, all the complexity inherent in such projects. We assist our clients in all project phases from initial clarification to specific counselling at the construction site. We divide our services into lead consultancy, prospect analyses, programming and structural design and execution.



Lead Consultancy
Prospect Analyses
Structural Design and Execution


We restore and transform historic buildings in order to highlight their identities, utility value and economic potential. With in-depth knowledge of the built heritage and the preservation of it – and the courage to challenge its conventionality – we connect the past, the present and the future.

As experienced architects, we have in-depth knowledge of the cultural heritage and the conservation guidelines. We cooperate closely with clients and public authorities, and we make an effort to be a knowledgeable, diplomatic and courageous business partner.

We look upon ourselves and historic buildings as dots on a timeline. Most of the buildings we restore existed long before us and will continue to do so long after. Our job is to develop them and add to their narratives. We call this Weiterschreiben or “to keep writing”.

Historic buildings have an inherent value and legitimacy in themselves as cultural heritage monuments, while at the same time they constitute economic value to their owners. Our ambition is to understand and amplify the historic identity of the buildings in order to activate their cultural heritage potential and increase their business potential. We call this the double bottom line.

We have an eye for both the broader picture and the details. As part of our workforce we employ historians who can dig deep into the past of the buildings together with our architects and find those distinguishing features that may be highlighted to enhance their characteristics. All in all, we always make an effort. Also when it comes to minor details. We call this attention to detail.

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Press clippings (Danish only)

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The King’s Hall at Lejre: “Sagnomspunden kongehal skyder op af jorden”
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Frederiksberg Church: “Lyset og rummet”



Photos on Elgaard Architecture’s website are by: (without known name of photographer)
Architect Anne Nebel
Jeudan A/S
Photographer Adam Mørk
Photographer Anders Sune Berg
Lighting Designer Jørgen Kjer
Photographer Karina Tengberg
Photographer Kurt Rodahl Hoppe
Photographer Ole Malling
Photographer Mikael Schilling
Photographer Søren Hytting
Photographer Thorbjørn Hansen, Kontraframe