Turning ideas into a specific construction plan – not least when it comes to historic buildings – requires experience and overview. We have that. We can assist you in steadily and creatively turning concepts into precise descriptions of for instance room divisions, distribution of square metres, building materials as well as energy efficiency requirements and indoor climate.


Following the clarification of how the potential of a historic building may be developed in the best possible manner, also in terms of future use, we can assist you in the process of turning the ideas into a concrete construction plan which summarises the project developer’s ambitions for the process and the result.

In this phase, it is all about defining room divisions, materials, colours, technical installations, etc, in detail.

Development of historic buildings, including possible extensions, requires that all chosen solutions are compliant with the building’s existing appearance and identity as well as demands for the current use. Our advice in such matters is based on experience, creativity and confidence.

Aalborg Akvavit Distillery exterior Elgaard Architecture

Aalborg Akvavit Distillery

Aalborg Akvavit Distillery will be transformed into a new cultural district with an arts centre, a hotel, market halls and flats, among others. We have been in charge of the complex task of analysing and defining the transformation. We involved all stakeholders in the process and carried out very detailed programming with specific solutions. This has provided the Agency for Culture and Palaces with a better basis for handling the case – which in turn has helped secure the financing.

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