Chateau Mukhrani

2010– | Georgia

Fact Sheet:
Project: Castle
Built: 2010- present
Sqm.: 25.000
Type: Restoration, Reconstruction
and Modernisation

Restoration and reconstruction of a late 19th century vineyard in Georgia. The project includes the main chateau, wine cellars, the old production plants and the surrounding grounds containing parks and gardens. The appointment includes project management, time management, management accounting, risk assessments and quality management as well as the development of a business and investment plan. Furthermore, implementation of the decision-making and procurement strategies along with architectural programming and concept development for the interior of the castle was also performed along with a feasibility study for future extensions of the complex with functions supporting the brand and business of Chateau Mukhrani. Quality, identity and authenticity are key aspects within wine production and these have been central to the approach developed during the reconstruction of the chateau.

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Designed by French architects in 1873, Chateau Mukhrani was commissioned by Ivane Mukhranbatoni. The construction process that followed would last for more than 12 years. The landscaping was created by a Versailles gardener. The finalised complex was captivating and a popular cultural centre for the Georgian elite. The social circles of Ivane Mukhranbatoni included a number of famous Georgian public figures, writers and poets such as Ilia Chavchavadze, Akai Tsereteli and the Russian imperator at the time. The Chateau was famed for its Italian gilded furniture and for holding the first European parquet in Georgia. The first floor was laid out as an amphitheatre seating 150 people and the remaining floors housed a variety of salons.


The chateau has been rebuilt from a heavily dilapidated, semi-ruined state. The main constitute elements of the existing walls have been reused and restored and the remaining building components have been reconstructed. Essentially the exterior of the chateau has been restored to its state in the late 19th century.

Following the completion of the exterior of the chateau the planning of the interior project is now under way. The salons, suites, restaurants and banquet hall will be decorated in accordance to the documented, historical furnishings. An overall design and conservation strategy will be developed to form the base for decision making in each individual room.

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