Nikolaj Plads 25

2013–2015 | Copenhagen, Denmark

Fact Sheet:
Project: Conservation, transformation, new build
Listed: No
Built: 2013- 2015
Client: Jeudan A/S

The task includes restoration of a recently de-listed front house and transformation of a side wing and a new build back wing. The ground floor will be adapted for commercial use and the remaining upper floors will be converted into six flats. The flats will be developed within the existing context and structure of the house and they will hereby retain an individual character within an overall contemporary design.

Nikolaj Plads as seen from the tower of the nearby Nikolaj Church, 2013 and 1934 (Historical photo: Museum of Copenhagen)

The cadastre originally housed the rectory. This was however heavily reduced in size during the great fire of 1795. In 1796 the new built property was entrusted to the Nikolaj parish poorhouse which was a workhouse for paupers. The workhouse was closed down in 1892, and the building was refurbished as a retirement home, which was closed down in 1901 due to the opening of a more centralised institution serving the whole city. Afterwards Nikolaj Plads 25 was privatised and refurbished for commercial use and accommodation.

The property is a so called “fire house” (ildebrandshus) within a row of longhouses along the southern edge of the square, Nikolaj Plads, which runs into the street of Vingårdsstræde towards the east. The properties all date back to the early 1800s – from the period of reconstruction following the great fire of Copenhagen in 1795. The majority of the properties are listed, resulting in the creation of a buffer retaining the structure of the medieval church square around Nikolaj Church.

The property was heavily rebuilt internally with only a few original elements such as the windows in the front house and the rear staircase of the side wing.

The facades of the recently de-listed building have been restored and put back to their original expression

The roof on the front house has been relaid with traditional red roof tiles and the original dormer windows have been restored.


Sidebygningen er blevet transformeret med nye og større vinduesåbninger og bundet sammen med et nyt baghus gennem et nutidigt materialevalg.

The existing side house has been transformed to a more modern expression: Its white facades have been restored and opened up, and the roof surface has been relaid in a terracotta coloured fibreglass-reinforced composite.  The modern looking white facades the red roof material have been repeated on the new build back-wing, giving the two buildings a consistent look.

On the side building and on the new back wing new balconies and roof terraces have been added.

The new flats have been developed within the existing context and structure of the house and, hereby, they have retained an individual character within an overall contemporary design.

Proces: ELGAARD Architecture
Built: Jeudan A/S Read more here

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