Blistrup Church

2014–2016 | Birkerød, Northern Zealand, Denmark

Project: Romanesque Church
Built: 2014-2015
Client: The Parish of Blistrup
Type: Refurbishment and Recondition

Blistrup is a Romanesque church dating back from the 12th Century. It originally appeared as a stone wall construction with a nave, a centralized font and the chancel towards the east.

The project involves a re-appropriation of the church space to correspond with the congregation’s wish to reintroduce the Romanesque location of the font at the centre axis towards the west in the nave. The font has since the early 1800 traditionally been based in the chancel.

The church already holds a very elaborate mix of decades and elements with no particular sense of hierarchy or interrelation. The scheme therefore includes very simple adjustments to underpin the defining features of the church: The vaulted church space, the pulpit, the altar and the new location of the font.

Furthermore, a sustainability scheme for a more efficient heating of the church via small, individual convectors mounted under the pews is also completed during this project.

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