Kongehallen Sagnlandet Lejre
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Extraordinary Viking Craftmanship Receives Award

20 August 2020

Copenhagen’s Joiners’ Guild has just awarded the mighty, newly built King’s Hall at Lejre Land of Legends the “Joinery Award 2020”. The King’s Hall was recreated on the basis of a predecessor from the 700s the remains of which were found in 2009 by Roskilde Museum close to the current hall. As client consultants, we helped bring this structure of the past to life in the present – all the way from the initial idea and in collaboration with a number of other consultants. The A.P. Møller and Augustinus Foundations have made the project possible in terms of financial support.

The King’s Hall’s unique timber constructions and wood carvings are the result of both high-tech machines and traditional tools in the hands of the most skilled carpenters, joiners and sculptors, who have worked together to decorate the hall’s 1000 tonnes of Danish oak. Read more about the project here and on the webpage of Lejre Land of Legends.

Photo: Ole Malling