Lejre Land of Legends The King's Hall
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The King’s Hall

Elgaard Architecture has been client consultant on the reconstruction of the mighty Viking king’s hall from the 700s in Lejre Land of Legends near Roskilde. This new visitor attraction opened to the public in June 2020. The project is supported by the A.P. Møller and Augustinus Foundations.



Reconstruction of a Viking king’s hall from the 700s

Lejre Land of Legends

Lead consultant: Wohlert Arkitekter, sub-consultants: Eduard Troelsgård og Gert Carstensen A/S, Rådgivende Ingeniørfirma, main contractor: Julius Nielsen & Søn

Lejre Land of Legends The King's Hall

Communicating Denmark’s Past
Lejre Land of Legends opened in 1964 under the name Historical-Archaeological Research Centre and is a research and communications centre as well as a popular tourist attraction focusing on history and archeology. Lejre Land of Legends conveys Denmark’s past from the Stone Age hunter-gatherers to the early agricultural period through experimental archaeological research and revival and teaching methods based on active participation. The research and communications centre is an inspiration to similar centres around the world.

“The Kings Hall is the large Viking house in the overall project called the World of the Saga Kings. It is 60 metres long, 12 metres wide, 10 metres tall and covers over 600m2. The original hall was excavated by archaeologists from Roskilde Museum in 2009 and is the largest building from the Danish Viking Age.”
The house is mainly built of carved oak. This applies to the main construction and the exterior and interior facade cladding and alcove walls as well as the interior cladding of the roof surface. The rafters and curved hills are made of Douglas fir.
“The King's Hall is a magnificent testimony to the culmination of Nordic architecture and craftsmanship and a significant symbol that the legends about the powerful kings of the Scylding lineage of Lejre contain a historical core.”
Lejre Land of Legends The King's Hall
There are both early and later wooden structures which can document the knowledge and skills of the time in various ways. However, the geometry of the hall is unique. Reference buildings are therefore included as documentation of the design insights of the time and the practices used - and thus not as a "proof" of a particular design solution.
Lejre Land of Legends The King's Hall
One of the most interesting things about the Royal Hall is that it is the first known building that uses sloping posts as a stiffening element in the construction. The oblique pillars are a very characteristic part of the building's external appearance.
“The Hirdman’s House, which is situated close to the King's Hall, will be used as accommodation for families and school classes.”
The King's Hall Lejre Land of Legends
It is also important to keep in mind that this huge royal hall has been an outstanding achievement in its time and not simply "common practice" in contemporary types of constructions.

Photos: Lejre Land of Legends/Ole Malling