Frederiksberg Church interior after restoration Elgaard Architecture
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Frederiksberg Church

We were lead consultants to Frederiksberg Parish Council throughout the process of restoration and renovation of the interior of Frederiksberg Church. The church occupies an area of ​​685 m² and consists of a characteristic octagonal main building, which is integrated with the porch and sacristy. The assignment was won in an architectural design competition and was based on a main concept in which the later added lower gallery was removed and the historic church room restored.



Restoration and renovation of the church interior

Frederiksberg Parish Council

Gert Carstensen A/S, Troelsgaard Rådgivende Ingeniører A/S, Kjell-P Entreprise A/S, Kunstkonserveringen

The historical development of Frederiksberg Church

The Pulpit Altar
Frederiksberg Church is a Baroque church which was designed by the Dutch architect Felix Dusart and erected in 1733-1734. The characteristic pulpit altar was added in the 1750s. Pulpit altars are altars in which the pulpit is built into the altar wall, and they originate from Germany. They have been in use as far back as the Reformation.

Pulpit altars belong to the Protestant tradition in which they represent the two significant parts of the religious service, the sacrament and the preaching, joined together in the same place. In connection with the restoration of the church, the altar has been restored and climate-protected by conservators.

Frederiksberg Church pulpit altar Elgaard Architecture
Frederiksberg Church before the restoration Elgaard Architecture
Before the restoration
Frederiksberg Church after the restoration Elgaard Architecture
After the restoration
The lowest gallery level, which wasn`t originally part of the architecture, has been removed.
Frederiksberg Church
“The project is an example of a radical change in a listed building that probably broke with the church’s development narrative, but which sharpened the building’s architecture and the overall expression of the church room.”
Peder Elgaard, Partner
Frederiksberg Church seating Elgaard Architecture
Frederiksberg Church pews after the restoration Elgaard Architecture

Improved Indoor Conditions
In addition to the significant effect of increased daylight intake, the removal of the lower gallery has enhanced the view towards the altar and the pulpit from the pews on the floor.

The acoustics have also been improved by adding acoustic surfaces and hiding these. In this way, the interior architecture of the room remains intact.

The church needed optimisation in terms of energy consumption and comfort. The heating system has therefore been upgraded to meet the needs of the congregation and support the indoor climate. The materials in the room require a certain amount of moisture to maintain longevity.

Frederiksberg Church heating system Elgaard Architecture
New heating system
Frederiksberg Church acoustics Elgaard Architecture
Optimisation of the acoustics
Frederiksberg Church pews design Elgaard Architecture
Increase of the depth of the pews and the distance between them
Frederiksberg Church pews design Elgaard Architecture
The seat depth in each of the pews has been increased to achieve greater seating comfort. In addition, the pews have been refurbished and the distance between them has been increased to provide better comfort.
Frederiksberg Church dayligt intake Elgaard Architecture
The removal of the lower gallery has created a great effect in the church room in relation to increased daylight intake. To a certain extent, the gallery lower prevented natural daylight from entering the church room and resulted in a very 'compressed' space below and on the floor itself. This issue has been rectified now.
Frederiksberg Church
Improved daylight intake, new lighting and improved seating comfort after the restoration