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Gerlev Church

Elgaard Architecture has provided full-service consultancy on the restoration of Gerlev Church. All exterior and interior walls have been limewashed. The altarpiece, pulpit, organ and pews have been cleaned and gently restored, and a technical upgrade  made the general maintenance easier for the staff.




Gerlev Church Parish Council

Danish church interior in Gerlev

The exterior walls of the church have been limewashed, as they appeared with large peelings and worn surfaces. The limewashed interior walls and vaults appeared heavily blackened and soiled with many dark blotches

In accordance with instructions from the National Museum, conservators partially removed and cleaned the historic furniture such as the altarpiece, pulpit and baldachin, and all non-historic surfaces were also thoroughly cleaned. The pews were retouched and now appear freshly painted.

A simple, but functional electric hoist has been mounted over the ceiling making it possible to lower the chandeliers when the bulbs needs changing. New as well as existing wiring and electrical installations are now placed under the floors and behind the church furniture, and a new and modern sound system was installed.

Mold was found on all surfaces of the church, but fortunately it had not penetrated the materials. However, the organ had to be disassembled, and all removable parts were cleaned at the workshop of the organ manufacturers.

Danish medieval church interior
Altarpiece, pulpit and baldachin after the conservators’ removal and cleaning.
The interior restoration process
The finished interior