Helligtrekongers Church Vallensbæk interior
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Helligtrekongers Church

In 2006, the Vallensbæk Parish announced an architectural competition for a new church, the Church of the Epiphany (Helligtrekongers Church), because the old church from the Middle Ages had become too small for the number of participants in the church’s large events. The assignment was carried out by architect Peder Elgaard under the auspices of Erik Møller’s Architectural Office, now ERIK architects.



Construction of a new church as well as a machine and workshop building and rebuilding of the personnel building

Vallensbæk Parish

MOE A/S Consulting Engineers, Gade & Mortensen Akustik A/S, Henrik Andersen og Kirsten Lund Andersens Tegnestue (landscape architects)

Helligtrekongers Church Vallensbæk altar
The purpose of the decoration of the church was, among others, to devise five Bible quotes as design elements. The quotes were chosen by the Danish poet Søren Ulrik Thomsen, and the five scriptures are placed above the entrance, on the floor of the church aisle, at and on the altar and by the exit door.
Helligtrekongers Church Vallensbæk interior
The decoration of the Church of the Epiphany has come about through close collaboration between architect Peder Elgaard, scriptwriter Allan Daastrup, poet and author Søren Ulrik Thomsen and representatives of the church council of Vallensbæk Church, Eli Hagerup and Karen Høgskilde.
“At the time of the construction of the new church, the old Vallensbæk Church's machine and personnel buildings were upgraded and rebuilt.”
Helligtrekongers Church
The new cemetery section is laid out as a lush park with trees and a varied forest floor with flowering small plants.
Helligtrekongers Church Vallensbæk interior
Helligtrekongers Church Vallensbæk interior